C.T. Westing

Author Melissa Foster opts for a provocative title for a recent article on The Huffington Post: Are Self-Publishing Authors Killing the Publishing Industry? Her answer? Yes. “Self-published authors have created a devaluing of the written word,” she writes, “and, some of them are scrambling to see how low they can go to get noticed.”

She supports her statement by citing dirt cheap book prices, Amazon’s KDP Select program, and a seeming desire to put a book up for profit and nothing else, editors be damned.  It’s a bold accusation, but one that I’m hearing more and more. Indie authors, we read, are contributing not to the evolution of the publishing industry, but to a corruption of books and literature.

Today, anyone can write a book, publish it online for free, and with a small investment, even pretty it up with some professional editing and cover art. It’s easy, it’s…

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