Welcome to Backpacked Week! This is where, for one week, I post about the newfangled self-publishing stuff I’ve picked up from self-publishing my third book, Backpacked, which is out now, and thereby slip numerous reminders about my new book, Backpacked, being out now, into my blog posts without you feeling like I’m just incessantly bombarding you with the news that my new book, Backpacked, is out now. (And only $2.99 on the Kindle store. Bargain!) You can see the week’s schedule in Monday’s post but for today, our topic is how to make a real book, i.e. the interior file for your Print-On-Demand paperback

***UPDATE JUNE 2013: Re-reading over this post I noticed that it contains a major error. On front matter pages, end matter pages, title pages and blank pages, there should be NO page numbers. You can do this by creating MS Word’s ‘Sections’…

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