a note home from…..your disabled child

This is the internationally recognized symbol ...

This is the internationally recognized symbol for accessibility (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

so I was reading on a blog from a friend yesterday how her child is not longer in k-12 schooling anymore  called “The Bus Dose Not Stop Here Anymore”

so I thought I would share my on school too with cp

full on class with friends I love that because I have cp I was able to stay in school in till age 21 if I wanted (CO Law) now people with all disabilities are given that option to stay in school stated in their IEP

but people with disabilities want to be members of their community and valued ,so how in the world are “WE” as disabled people going to be community members and valued if the 50 states keep us in school till age 21…. can you tell me please????

I strongly feel that if the child can handle graduating with their  able-bodied peers let them it’s up the parents of course let them and support them ok? don’t get me started on my disabled “soapbox”

my parents did it for me in 2006

to mom


One Comment on “a note home from…..your disabled child”

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