Should we trust Google when it comes to piracy and search?


As we reported earlier, Google (s goog) recently announced that it will start filtering its search results based in part on the number of copyright-takedown requests that have been filed against a site: according to a blog post from the search giant, it will tweak its algorithms to rank a website lower if it has a large number of “valid copyright-removal notices.” And how does Google know whether a copyright-removal notice is valid or not? The short answer is that it doesn’t — which is part of the reason why YouTube in particular sees so many bogus takedowns. So how do we know that this filtering of search results won’t adversely affect some websites that are perfectly legitimate? Google’s response so far seems to be “trust us.” But should we?

The search company says it decided to make the change because it will help users “find legitimate, quality sources…

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6 Comments on “Should we trust Google when it comes to piracy and search?”

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