To my Mom:

All feedback welcome on my blog post today

To my Mom:

I Grow up in my life not being treated as a disabled person by my family or my friends
1: my mom and I never saw eye to eye when it came me being on Facebook as she was a private person so in turn why I post a lot of quotes on my Facebook status she was never on Facebook Thank God mom never got a Facebook profile nor is my dad on Facebook
I hate how parents “friend” their kids on Facebook just to monitor what they’re kids are doing on Facebook

Over the past two years I have found through Facebook promoting my art got easier to say that I didn’t love having my mom as my assistant in my company to the she died
Back to why I say I find it easier to my promote art on Facebook about a week after my mom died and I went home wondering what I should do about promotion of my art and wondering whether I should just close my company completely i join this wonderful group called the indie Exhibit
(Google them to find out more)
Needless to say I call this group my my “Art family” they have help my through doing my art about the loss of my mom

Started writing my biography Iwin As my own form of grief therapy about losing my mom
And just let you know I win it’s not a pity party let’s feel sorry for the Author story just because I have cerebral palsy
The reason I’m writing I win is it because I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me for 25 years with me having cerebral palsy, And to show the world what a wonderful mother I had
Looking back on these past two years I am become a stronger woman because of the losing my mom
And as a good friend’s of the mine said me two weeks ago
“you would never know that writing a book and healing yourself about losing your mom by writing a book as a form of grief therapy would be hard”
Yet I have managed to heal myself through writing a book keep doing my fabulous art in honor of my fabulous mom who was so proud of me for that starting my own company
Today and forever I will always miss my mom
Will end this blog post this to quote that stick out in my mind
The first one is one of my mom Favorite saying”it’s a grate life if you don’t weaken”
Second is “i am disabled woman living a non-disabled life”
Love U mom


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