Emma's Hope Book

Emma came home yesterday afternoon and showed me this.

“Pink,” she said proudly.  Jackie had taken Emma for a manicure.  And not only had Emma sat still for it, she liked it!  I’ve been giving Emma manicures and pedicures since she was a baby.  She likes having her toenails painted, but never her fingernails.   This was a first!

That afternoon we took the children swimming.  While Nic and Richard threw a football back and forth, Emma and I sat in the shallow end and Emma said, “No Sarah cannot throw the bottle.  Sarah!  You have to leave the room!  Sarah is sad.”  Emma then looked very sad and nodded her head.

Suddenly I had an idea from my conversation with my friend Ib, who has told me about her theatre training and how much that’s helped her.  I couldn’t figure out how to get Emma to act out the…

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